IPLLA Athletic Field & Grounds Managers Workshop 2020 – Plymouth

November 17  |  Plymouth, IN  |  Registration & Info

  • 8:00 AM – 3:15 PM
  • CCHs available
  • Event Flyer (pdf)

Over the last several years, IPLLA has worked at developing this two-event workshop series into something focused on those who have a responsibility for management and care of grounds. Whether these are schools, parks, cities and towns, or sports complexes, the Grounds Manager has to operate with numerous restrictions. Budgets are tight, students, faculty members, and the public presence must always be considered, and the grounds to be managed often are large properties. All this figures into how and what you are able to do.

Learning more about growing conditions, pests, pest control, and even prevention will make you more effective at what you do, why, and when. Thus, these programs are designed for you and our speakers’ messages aimed at you and your profession.

Two dates for this workshop: November 17th workshop at Swan Lake Golf Resort in Plymouth or on November 19th at Salt Creek Golf Retreat in Nashville.

Location: Plymouth, IN