IOSC Reminder to Applicators

IOSC Reminder to Applicators
State Chemist Reminds Applicators:  Granule Applications Need to be Blown Off Drives, Streets, and Walks

Bob Andrews, Executive Director, Indiana Professional Lawn & Landscape Association
Reprinted with permission.

Spring treatment season is upon us and unfortunately once again we are getting reports of granules not being blown off sidewalks and driveways.  A call from the Indiana State Chemist today confirmed that there are more complaints being filed this year than in recent years.  So here are some facts.

  • It is required by Indiana law to blow off hard surfaces if the fertilizer granule also contains a pesticide product.  At this point of the year, many of us are applying a fertilizer combined with pre-emergent crabgrass herbicide.  Thus, it is law that these not be left on paved surfaces.
  • Even if you are just using a granular fertilizer alone, leaving the product scattered on drives and walks is simply not part of making a professional application.
  • Fertilizer itself is expensive and it is waste of this product if it can be blown back into the lawn with a leaf blower or broom where it actually can be used to enhance your application.
  • Granules left on pavement often ends up washing into storm drains and into surface water.

The fact that complaints are officially being filed with the State Chemist should tell us that our industry is being observed and that continuing such practices can lead to increased regulation of lawn care businesses.  Current fines are $250.00 for such violations. While it is understood that the vast majority of lawn care operators do blow off walks and drives,the few who don’t can cause problems for us all.

Power blowers, gas or battery driven, are pretty inexpensive and their use is just a sign of a good application and a professional applicator.