2020 INLA Awards Announced

2020 INLA Awards Announced

During the 2021 Virtual Indiana Green Expo (IGE) live Landscape Session on Wednesday, January 20, the INLA Award of Excellence and Special Achievement Awards were announced by INLA executive director, Rick Haggard.  Typically the awards are announced in person at the INLA annual meeting during the IGE at the Indiana Convention Center but this year due to COVID-19 the Indiana Green Expo is being held virtually. The Zoom live session was well attended with over 80 participants.

Awards of Excellence
This year, each of the 11 categories produced winners. The 11 Award of Excellence winners and a photo from each of their projects can be found on the INLA website’s awards page.

Special Achievement Awards
Two special achievement awards were announced at the meeting. This year’s recipients are the following:

  • Nursery & Landscape Achievement Award: John and Suzie Platte, Perennials Plus
    To be awarded annually to an individual with good standing in the industry who has given freely of his/her time for the strengthening of the green industry in Indiana. Nominations are voted on by the Awards Committee.
  • Award of Merit: Robert Johnstone, Fireboulder
    To be given annually to a business, institution, job, or individual which the INLA feels has contributed significantly to our industry. Nominations are voted on by the Awards Committee.

Congratulations to all the award recipients! Please visit the INLA website’s awards page for more information about all the awards.